feldenkrais class
feldenkrais class

Community & ‘Social Change’ Activists

A dedicated care programme

Offering inclusive, sustainable, affordable ‘self-care strategies’ for campaigners & community activists.

This programme helps campaigners and activists to work more effectively and minimise project team disengagement.

It is also designed to sustain resilience and motivation using FOUR ELEMENTS:

  • Easy-to-learn, practical mindfulness exercises to minimise burn-out

  • Enhanced intuitive skills

  • The programme also helps evaluation of group readiness for direct action

  • Enriches the capacity for on-going personal self-care

Activists will learn:

  • How to wisely support groups in being significantly more inclusive
  • Approaches to respectfully arrive at agreed realist outcomes
  • Ingenious ways to harvest next actions

Activists will learn:

  • Flexible forms of engagement that protect and reinforce both individual AND group motviational engergy using ‘8 breaths’ strategic loops, to ensure sustaintble links to the project’s founding objective
  • Attendees can learn gentle, respectful enquiry techniques to assess and maintain ‘fire in the belly’ motivation for further initiatives

A 12-6pm training afternoon with frequent short breaks (arrive not requiring lunch).

Then a three-and-a-half hour follow-up session next day (or as convenient).

Up to 8 attendees • Total cost = £88 per session for both days