feldenkrais private session

Change Your Age

Designed for over-45’s wishing to improve body capability

This is a generous and transformative programme to coach you within small groups of 3 to improve your movement, flexibility and vitality.

It is designed for over-45’s who want a significant sense of improved whole-body capability in daily movements and recreational or fitness activities.

The programme consists of:

FOUR small-group sessions of 90 minutes and
TWO bespoke one-to-one 90-minute sessions.

This amounts to 9 HOURS OF EXPERT COACHING PER PERSON completed in six 90-minute sessions at times that suit you.

Venue = Central East London

£160 per person

You will be guided in a hands-on way through a series of movements to extend the possibilities of the neuromuscular system which has become chronically restricted, often simply through habit.

After the first session, most people have an immediate feeling of well-being and experience an increase in the ease and efficiency with which they move. They feel lighter and more relaxed and niggling discomforts are eased. 

The intention is that students will use what they learn throughout their daily lives so that the body moves and works smoothly and efficiently, resulting in their staying fit and preventing problems such as backache for the rest of their lives.