Development Training Days

Personal & professional training days for Nurses, Care Workers & OT Therapists

A fascinating, practical and truly inspiring 90 minute training session for care & therapy workers in both the Private and Public care sectors.

Practical self-care plus the complete antidote to Compassion Fatigue!

The Feldenkrais Method and our training in transformational empathy can help by learning…”

  • Compassion coaching

  • Motivation boosters

  • Back pain prevention

  • Residents’ posture care

  • Manage your manager

Two separate daytime 90 minute training sessions – one for the ‘afternoon’ staff team to attend late morning BEFORE their shift – and the same session repeated for the ‘morning’ staff team to attend AFTER the hand-over is completed.

Cost = £90

No additional charges for travel or for the wait between training sessions while the morning team complete their handover.